Volunteer spotlight: Andrew Dziedzic

Andrew DziedzicAndrew Dziedzic joined B4C in 2009.

Last year Andrew won the B4C ‘researcher of the year’ award for services at Black Swan Lake, water quality analysis and leading the water watch team.

Andrew’s expertise in water quality testing and analysis of results were instrumental in the campaign to assist the Gold Coast Community to save Black Swan Lake at Bundall from being filled in.

What is your current occupation?
My current occupation is a sampler and I am employed mostly in water quality and monitoring.

Where were you born and what suburb do you live in?
I was born in Brisbane, Coopers Plains to be exact. I live in Lutwyche.

Why did you join B4C?
I joined B4C because a good friend was involved with the group and got me interested and it took of from there.

What environmental issues are of interest/importance to you?
I guess I would say biodiversity and living within our means.

What sort of tasks do you do as a volunteer at B4C?
Tasks include organising sampling events and running them, maintaining the water quality data and working on odd B4C projects.

What do you enjoy about volunteering with B4C?
I enjoy meeting all different types of people and getting out and about.

What are your interests outside of B4C?
Hobbies include bush walking, kayaking and computers.

What is your favourite place you’ve travelled to and where would you like to travel to in the future?
My favorite place would have to be Alaska and I hope to travel back to New Zealand in the future.

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  1. Andrew is a quietly spoken and dedicated environmentalist. He is part of the new wave of young people who engender hope for the future. Andrew is a specialist researcher who has been instrumental in not only saving Black Swan Lake at Bundall, but also Port of Brisbane Swan Lake at the mouth of the Brisbane River. These two wins, against the odds and against powerful forces of opposition, were underpinned by the great background research of Ray Ison and Andrew Dziedzic. Saving nature is a wonderful thing to be able to do – and it takes dedicated professionals who are willing to work in a team. I am proud of the team and of Andrew.

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