Backyard – the anti-litter documentary

InTheBin and Anita Ong Media present BACKYARD – the anti-litter documentary!

After 4 months of work, and help from dozens of conservation organisations and individuals from across Australia we launch a short film that raises awareness about litter here in Australia in our backyards, why we should care about it, where it ends up, and what it impacts. This grass roots film is created to educate and inspire you, to believe that one person can make a huge difference. We hope you will watch it and share it with as many people as you can to do your bit for raising awareness and to help us to inspire others for a better Australia, and a better world.

Anita Ong told the South East Advertiser that the litter problem at Kianawah Park at Tingalpa was “getting worse and worse”. Read more.

Watch the video!

BACKYARD the anti-litter documentary from Anita Ong on Vimeo.

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