Nature journaling workshops

Get into this fun activity to experience nature and explore your creativity on Saturday July 16th or Saturday July 23rd! (10am-12pm)

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Paula Peeters – an ecologist, writer and artist. And we’ve planned a couple of exciting workshops with her in nature journaling.

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Paula has emphasised that drawing and art expertise are not at all needed for these workshops. The beauty of nature journaling is that there’s no right or wrong. But there’s plenty to learn and enjoy.

Nature journaling, Paula says, helps you to notice the details in nature. It improves your recognition of different species, and your understanding of where and how they live.

Paula says a journal should be a playful, helpful, adventurous, extension of yourself.

A sandpit for exploring your responses to the world. Something a bit frowsy, a bit lop-sided, a bit ramshackle at times. But at other times it will resonate with a rare quality. It might be beauty, it might be insight, it might be as simple as two lines that perfectly capture the bird you glimpsed flying by.

Nature Journaling Workshops with Paula Peeters

Saturday 16 July. 9.30am for 10am start. 2 hours.
At the B4C Sustainability Centre

crimson rosellaCnr Old Cleveland Rd & Wright St, Carindale (entrance off Wright St, plenty of parking for cars or bicycles).
Includes morning tea.
Cost: Workshop & journal pack: $29. Or, workshop & BYO own materials: $19.
Book online via Eventbrite >>

Saturday 23 July. 9.30am for 10am start. 2 hours.
At Minnippi Parklands

(Meeting spot)
Includes morning tea.
Cost: Workshop & journal pack: $29. Or, workshop & BYO own materials: $19.
Book online via Eventbrite >>

Our nature journal pack (that you take home with you) will include: 1) a mixed-media journal (A4 or A5) and 2) a 2B graphite pencil. If you’re bringing your own materials, ensure they include these two items. A fineliner is also great to have but not compulsory. There’s no need to bring anything else, but you’re welcome to bring additional materials if you want to try them out!

There will also be colour art materials, books relevant to nature journaling and field guides for you to try out on the day. You will also receive a handout sheet summarising the workshop.

So come and enjoy a practice that slows you down, increases your mindfulness, and increases your attention to detail and appreciation of beauty.

If you have any questions about these workshops please contact Genevieve via or 0404 894 511.

A bit about Paula Peeters

nature journalingPaula has a PhD in ecology which was followed by 13 years working for state government environmental agencies. She aimed to inject scientific facts and logic into conservation policies and projects.

But recently, she says, she came to the realisation that facts aren’t very effective in changing human behavior (and conservation is primarily about changing human behavior).  She cites the climate change debate as a good example of this.

Paula has increasingly become interested in other ways to engage people in nature, and to awaken concern for the environment.

Science is the best way of improving our rational understanding of nature. But perhaps we have forgotten why people like nature in the first place. And what makes them want to conserve it.

As well as being extensively published in areas of science, environment and policy, Paula has also produced a fantastic colouring in book for adults and young adults called Bimblebox Wonderland. It’s the first colouring book for adults based entirely on a wild Australian woodland.

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