Whites Hill school taking action for Squirrel Glider Corridor

Whites Hill State CollegeB4C and Whites Hill State College are working together to rebuild a Squirrel Glider Corridor by planting native plants in the school and across the road in the southern oval owned by Brisbane City Council.


There will be a student planting and awareness day on Tuesday 21st June from 8.30 to 12 noon. Students will be arriving to the site between 9am and 11.30am.

The corridor will join Whites Hill Reserve to Oates Hill (corner of Creek Rd and Old Cleveland Rd) through Phillips Creek.  This is consistent with B4C’s objective to “create a web of green” across the Bulimba Creek Catchment corridors. The project is supported by the Whites Hill Reserve Precinct Landscape Plan published earlier this year.

Whites Hill plantingBulimba Creek Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron says the movement of Squirrel Gliders is important for their survival. The corridors provide this as well as food and refuge.

“Not only will the plantings of native species benefit the Gliders and many other native species, they will provide landscape amenity, shade, pollution take-up – such as dust and noise and provide a better environment for pupils of the school and the community in general,” Wayne says.

“Our urban livability will be determined on the availability of good quality greenspace in a growing city.”

“Impacts of increased building density, higher population and loss of biodiversity can not just be left to governments to sort out.”

The funding for this project is from the State Government’s Everyone’s Environment grant.

“We, the community, must make our contribution for the future generations in a clean, green city – this is the type of support that enables us to take on-ground action,” Wayne says.

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