Problem at the headwaters of Spring Creek

There is an on-going and damaging problem at the headwaters of Spring Creek, Carindale area. There is damaging flooding and subsequent high sedimentation of the protected creek zone.

This video was taken by a resident near the corner of Westbury Place and Aylesbury Court, Carindale. The affected properties are in the Greendale Park Estate and the source is not in this estate but upstream from the Ewer St development.

The high velocity flooding you can see (in the video) is a development mistake associated with building upstream, particularly on what was a temporary dam and detention basin, during development earthworks. There is no protection for Westbury Place and the water is scouring all before it and flowing into an easement – straight into the Clay pools of Spring Creek. This is the habitat area for the protected Ornate Rainbowfish.

I believe Council has to urgently address this compounding problem, which will be strongly objected to when Westbury Place is fully developed and properties occupied.

The scouring of the footpath and planted trees has been recovered and repaired by both Council and our volunteers at least on three occasions, but this is putting a band aid on a gaping wound, so to speak.

I have asked, on behalf of the Catchment and residents of this area, for Council to investigate a solution to an unacceptable development outcome causing erosion, sedimentation and impacts on the local residents of Greendale Park.

Wayne Cameron
Catchment Manager

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