Mangrove destruction

There is a petition to Brisbane City Council from just a few households to clear mangroves between Lota and Wynnum.

Removing native trees on shorelines is a constant pressure on our coastline and bayside.

B4C Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron says the views of the six people in the petition do not reflect the needs of the community in general.

“Asking to remove ‘all’ the mangroves between Lota and Wynnum, may be an ambit claim, but it shows the lack of concern for the marine environment and Bay by those proposing it,” Wayne says.

“Council has responsibilities to protect the mangrove ecosystems, which are the nursery of many marine species.

“The whole community should consider the long-term effect on fishstocks and the function of removing large amounts  of carbon that mangroves and saltmarshes provide.

“The precedent that such a drastic action would set could be disastrous for the Bay and its marine resources.”

We ask the community to help raise awareness and help protect, not remove, this important environmental resource.

Petition to Clear Mangroves

Published in the Wynnum Herald, January 25 2017. Click to view larger.

Below is a letter to the Editor of the Wynnum Herald, also provided to us, by B4C Member John Eiseman.

Dear Sir,

It is a great disappointment when a local Councillor supports the destruction of Mangroves on Moreton Bay, for the benefit of a few residents wanting a better view.

If Council were to remove mangroves for this reason, Gold help Moreton Bay and its fishery.

Mangroves are the nurseries for juvenile fish and protect coastliens and waterfronts, they are essential for a city like Brisbane to protect the marine species we take for granted when we go fishing.

I hope wiser heads are at play when any decision is made in Council. Trusting that vested interests and selfish motives do not overcome the health of our Bay.

Yours Sincerely
John Eiseman
Belmont, Brisbane.


  1. We all are aware of the environmental importance of mangroves (or at least most of us). Yes, the views without a doubt are majestic. Perhaps with input from EPA Queensland to keep it impartial, not just the councils environmental department for assessment. Australia has the highest mangrove species in the world, so let’s make sure we don’t add a further smear as what is being done with the treatment of the barrier reef.

    For the council to “consider the petition” from just six households for them to be entirely removed tells me these people are totally detached with the environment around them. Perhaps there is another agenda here, are these people on the waterfront with their views blocked? With clear views, how will this affect their property value? Sounds like short term gain for a few, long term pain for all and the environment.

    Another thing to consider is the mangroves were here well before we set foot here, sounds like a mindset that still has not changed. How about putting it to the public?

    Mangroves role is not to block views, its growing and supporting life as is the bayside supporting life as we know it. Do we have mutual respect? The Bayside has a wonderful environment and lifestyle. How would we feel with developers moving in to replace our waterfront views with high rise apartments?

    What about a paradigm shift. What could be done to enhance views to public without clearing? Further walkways? Raised platforms amongst the mangroves?

    There’s a viewing platform amongst the side of the hill facing the water between Lota and Manly. Great views, (could use a clearer access point so public can notice it). How many people know about it?

  2. it is a massive 6 residence think they can hold back nature. Sad that anyone would want to destroy the lungs of the bay. Selfish selfish selfish. The bay has a hard enough time cleaning itself after humans, now you want to take down the bays only filtration system. Very QLD. Backward.

  3. There is much debate about the history of mangroves in the Wynnum/Lota area and I am not sure what is true and what isn’t. I think a small area at Lota park might be cleared but I can’t imagine widespread clearing. There would be a national outcry!

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