Catchment Manager’s Mid Year Summary

By Wayne Cameron – B4C Catchment Manager

May 2019 finds us in a strong position with our projects, after some battles with a very dry late summer affecting our revegetation program. Now, moving into winter, we are making good progress across the board. Some examples only of what we are doing, which I hope have interest for you . . .


Gibson Island: 1.3ha is now established and in maintenance. A 1300sq m section remains to do, with 450sq m prepared for a planting (July 18, 9-11am). Hoping our industrial partners can help us plant 360 natives. Qld Bulk Handling sponsoring this event. In August Energex will work with us to prepare more cleared areas along their line – moving east.

Barn OwlIngham’s: Barn Owl program progressing, with newly designed nestboxes built by B4C and installed. Cameras show consistent use by Barn Owls, which are taking rodents we have encouraged. Working with company on grounds maintenance and landscaping also.

Bulimba Creek Oxbow: Lack of funding preventing any substantial maintenance. Now have a labour market team “Belong” interested in helping out. Back on track for a rescue!

Port of Brisbane 5 Year Plan: Four sites for 2018/19 up-to-date. Great assistance with maintenance at Gibson Island – is a life-saver for B4C. Projects also at Green Bridge, Brisbane River frontage at Lytton and a big Corporate Planting planned for morning of 5th June, with all industrial and catchment partners invited. This is at Constellation Way, Wynnum North (part of the Lytton Buffer Corridor).

Outdoor Classroom at Sustainability Centre: A “Stronger Communities” grant from Federal Government to create a Wildlife Corridor Habitat area at Carindale. This will be launched in July this year. Also supported/sponsored by Sunstate Cement, who sent a big team to plant 300 plants and install habitat poles in May.


Belmont Koala Forest (Rifle Range): B4C negotiated a better outcome with the Minister. From 5.4ha of clearing, they will only do 0.2ha. We have also achieved a review of the site and an advisory committee to formulate an Environmental and Biodiversity Management Strategy. You win some!


This is where we provide in-kind support to the environment and community, using our Bulimba Creek Environment Fund, plus our own free labour and time.

  • Schools: Marshall Road State School, Iona College (recent plantings and assistance), Whites Hill College approved bursaries. Camp Hill Primary (starting a new program sponsoring them).
  • Runcorn Pony Club planting on 20th July from 9am with members and volunteers. BCC Environment Grant sponsored.
  • Carney’s Creek (pictured above) rural project on 550 acres near Boonah. B4C is supporting weed controls and riparian plantings.
  • Gregory River – B4C sent one of our team members to assist in the Landcare program for assisting with and sponsoring Healthy Food gardens at Burketown Primary (pictured right) and undertaking Rubber Vine treatments and helping with canoe race. We have a ‘twinning’ parternship with Gregory River.

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