Development application for adding retirement complex opens for public comments

A development application (DA) has been lodged by developers that seeks to obtain a ‘Material Change of Use’ on lots comprising 30% of the land in the Pacific Golf Club at Carindale from Sport & Recreation to “Retirement Facility, Outdoor Sport & Recreation, Club and Function Facility”.

The existing footprint, the new footprint and the extent of the development application area.

The development (Application No. A005160632) is open to public objection until  5th August, 2019.

Koala at Pacific Golf Club, Carindale. Source: Pacific Golf Club.

Reside Communities and Pacific Golf Club have been promoting the development and gathering signatures on a template letter to the Council’s Development Services. This sought support from members and the local community – predicated on “The project site will occupy just 1.5ha of the total Sport & Recreation area of 55ha”.

HOWEVER, the wording and illustration provided in the DA was unclear so that the Brisbane City Council sought clarification of what was actually being proposed. Council responded with an Information Request (dated 16th May, 2019) – querying if the ‘Material Change of Use’ being applied for was for the whole of the large 14ha lot or just a bounded portion of the lot. The developer replied to the information request on 11th July. They stated that the “DA applied to whole of the lot“.

ALSO, mapping the drawn footprint using GIS show the new footprint area is 2.54ha, which represents 16.8% of the DA area. The old footprint was 1.37ha or 9% of the proposed DA area.

The golf course is a critical part of Bulimba Creek and is a keystone site in the natural corridor system joining Belmont Hills Reserve to Bulimba Creek through Spring Creek. The site forms part of the Brisbane System Strategic Greenspace Network. It provides known habitat and movement corridors to koalas, wallabies and other wildlife. The DA could impact the wildlife values with its proposal to remove several non-juvenile koala trees and the increased number of people and potentially pets.

If the DA was restricted to a bounded area it would provide greater planning certainty that further expansion or additions to this facility would be restricted.

B4C has a range of questions about this proposed development in openspace land which can be seen in our recent summary here.

Development objections can be lodged with the Brisbane City Council no later than August 5th, 2019.

Online development objections:

Please contact us for further information or you can comment publicly below.

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