Growing a Greener Future: Callum Rawlins’ Dedication to Environmental Education

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee was proud to have Callum Rawlins join our team for a work placement as part of his Environmental Science and Business degree. 

Callum not only completed a 24-day placement with B4C over a 12-week period but also became an integral part of our team, dedicating additional voluntary days during his studies.

The purpose of his placement was to gain hands-on experience in a native species nursery, encompassing the cultivation of plants from various genera through seedlings, cuttings, or spores. This experience included training in nursery management, seed collection and plant identification.

Callum was also tasked with the identification of introduced pest flora species and diseased plants within both the nursery and the field, demonstrating a keen attention to detail and a strong foundation of ecological knowledge.

His fieldwork involved the observation of nest boxes, active participation in corporate tree planting events, and collaboration with the Brisbane City Council to mitigate invasive botanical species and address issues related to illegal waste dumping.

One of Callum’s most significant contributions was the establishment of a native fern ecosystem, designed to serve as an educational resource for B4C staff, volunteers, and the broader community.

In addition to this, Callum took the initiative to develop educational resources that inform individuals about Australian fern species and their critical role in the Australian natural environment.

Callum passionately explains, “The overall aim of creating a native fern ecosystem is to develop a resource that will educate B4C members and community visitors (corporate groups and school students) in one Australian ecosystem, and the importance of protecting ecosystems through the work B4C does.”

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