Boosting Environmental Conservation Efforts on Gibson Island

On the 12th of October, 2023, 49 individuals representing various organisations, including Incitec Pivot Limited, Inghams, Powerlink, Visy, Port of Brisbane, and the office of MP Ross Vasta, came together to plant 250 trees on Gibson Island.

This collaborative effort was made possible with the generous support of Incitec Pivot Limited.

The native vegetation was carefully placed along the riparian zone of aquarium passage. This planting will not only improve the site’s amenity but will also play a crucial role in preserving the water quality by preventing excess nutrients and sediment from rainwater runoff.

This, in turn, benefits the local marine life, including dugongs, turtles, fish, and dolphins that call Moreton Bay their home.

Beyond water quality, the native plants will also serve as a natural buffer against soil erosion and create green corridors for wildlife, particularly for various bird species. 

To assess the health of the ecosystem, Bird Life Southern Queensland conducts periodic bird surveys in the revitalised areas of Gibson Island. The most recent survey in October revealed the presence of striated pardalotes, a bird species not previously documented at the site.

Since its establishment in 2018, the partnership between B4C and Industrial Landcare Partners has successfully planted over 10,250 trees across more than 25 events.

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