A fabulous fluttering start to Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count.

With the warming weather, Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count is now in full flutter.  

Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count commenced during the 2020/2021 butterfly season. This initiative is a brainchild of the Brisbane Catchments Network (BCN) and its dedicated member groups. It is a direct reflection of BCN’s Biodiversity Strategy, aiming to involve residents of all ages and knowledge levels in a fascinating exploration of our local butterfly population.

Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count has spread its wings and is now in full flutter. It’s time for you to join in the excitement and contribute to our collective knowledge about these delicate and fascinating creatures.

What to Expect:

Surveys: Venture into multiple locations across Brisbane, each representing distinct habitat types found in our city. The goal is to gather data at each selected site three times throughout the butterfly season.

Citizen Science: Whether you prefer the convenience of a BioCollect app or the charm of a paper flyer adorned with illustrations of over 30 common local butterflies, you can participate from your home garden, while rehabilitating bushland, visiting local parks, hiking, studying at school, or simply if you’re a butterfly enthusiast. All survey and population count data are entered into the Atlas of Living Australia.

Educational Workshops: Engage in workshops tailored for both butterfly enthusiasts and survey participants looking to deepen their understanding of Lepidoptera, which encompasses butterflies and moths.

Eco Exploration: Embark on ecology walks and field workshops to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between butterflies and their habitats.

Resources: Find a wealth of resources for educators and butterfly lovers, making learning about these fascinating insects a delightful experience.

Butterfly Plantings: Designed especially for rehabilitators and home gardeners, these initiatives provide insights into the importance of larval host plants and their role in the butterfly life cycle.

Public Displays: Look out for displays at various public events, shedding light on the environmental significance of protecting our precious butterflies.

Don’t miss these upcoming events:

  • Karawatha Forest – Sunday, 4 November, 9 am
  • Minnippi Parkland – Sunday, 11 November, 9 am

Visit the Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count Diary here.

For more information or to secure your spot at these exciting events, reach out to b4c@bulimbacreek.org.au.

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