Industry and community work together to protect Gibson Island’s riparian zone 

In a heartening example of environmental care and community cooperation, on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, B4C teamed up with ten dedicated representatives from Fortescue to plant a new section of Gibson Island’s riparian zone.  This planting was proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science’s Community Sustainable Spaces Grant. We would also like to acknowledge Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, as a consistent supporter of B4C and Industrial Landcare at Gibson Island.

With the additional help of B4C Bushcare Rovers and the field team, the volunteer count reached approximately 20. Wayne Cameron, representing B4C, expressed his appreciation, saying, “Thank you to everyone who attended, especially the support from Fortescue, who have ambitious plans for Gibson Island and our energy sector.”

This project is a testament to the idea that industrial areas can coexist with thriving natural spaces. Instead of a neglected and overgrown area prone to illegal activities, Industrial Landcare has created a protected Conservation Zone adorned with lush riparian vegetation. This enterprise carries several benefits, including the protection of threatened wildlife, safeguarding the waterway against pollution and erosion, and demonstrating the power of collaboration between industry and the community.

As companies actively engage in community initiatives, they distinguish themselves from competitors, foster goodwill, and make a lasting impact.

Native vegetation, meticulously planted along the riparian zone of Aquarium Passage, enhances the site’s aesthetics and water quality. This, in turn, benefits the local marine life, including dugongs, turtles, fish, and dolphins that inhabit Moreton Bay.

Funded by B4C’s Environment Fund, Bird Life Southern Queensland conducts quarterly bird surveys in the rejuvenated Gibson Island areas. During the most recent survey, striated pardalotes were observed demonstrating nesting and breeding behaviours.

Since its inception in 2018, the partnership between B4C and Industrial Landcare Partners has achieved the commendable feat of planting over 10,250 trees across more than 27 events. This enduring commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement showcases the potential for meaningful collaboration between industry and local initiatives to drive positive change.

The joint efforts of B4C, Fortescue, and other stakeholders are setting an example of sustainability and environmental stewardship, proving that industry and the community can indeed work together to transform and protect our natural landscapes.

Volunteers from B4C, Fortescue Future Industries at Industrial Landcare Gibson Island Planting

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