Building a Sustainable Future: Brisbane Airport Corporation’s Partnership with B4C

A big thank you to Brisbane Airport Corporation for choosing us for their Containers for Change charity program. This partnership means that funds collected through the Containers for Change bins at Brisbane Airport will directly support B4C’s projects benefiting the local community and environment.

Brisbane Airport Corporation’s support will help us maintain our efforts in bolstering the community and environment through a range of initiatives. From practical conservation work to educational outreach, these endeavours are making a real difference in our local community.  

These initiatives include: 

  • Undertaking large-scale revegetation and rehabilitation programmes across Brisbane City and Greater Brisbane, focusing on restoring degraded areas and preserving natural habitats through strategic planting of native species.
  • Operating a community nursery and depot where volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including community service groups, corporations, disability groups, and volunteer support services, can actively engage in environmental activities.
  • Supporting bushcare and catchment groups across South-East Queensland, providing hands-on assistance and resources to bolster their conservation efforts.
  • Supporting our Sustainability Centre, a 2-hectare facility featuring a sustainable office, native plant nursery, community gardens, permaculture displays, and exhibits on sustainable technologies. 
  • Implementing a Learning Network program in communities and schools, introducing initiatives like healthy food gardens and nature-based projects. B4C’s outreach efforts include property and revegetation plans, eco workshops, educational presentations, and art projects fostering environmental appreciation.
  • Managing two critical conservation properties in Mount Elliot and Mount Barney, providing sanctuary for endangered plant and animal species and serving as vital links to key biodiversity corridors in Southeast Queensland.

Brisbane Airport Corporation’s contribution through the Containers for Change program strengthens the longstanding support of B4C. Previous support has included funding a riparian planting along Salvin Creek as well as clean-up events at Gibson Island. Brisbane Airport Corporation volunteers also actively participate in B4C’s Industrial Landcare events aimed at rejuvenating the riparian areas of Aquarium Passage. In 2016, Brisbane Airport Corporation provided support to B4C’s Common Myna Reduction project, aimed at addressing a key threat to local biodiversity.

We deeply appreciate the ongoing support of Brisbane Airport Corporation and eagerly anticipate furthering our collaborative efforts towards a more sustainable future.

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