Fauna nest box monitoring update

gliderB4C has recently sponsored a fauna nest box monitoring program in the area.


Mike Fox of Mount Gravatt Environment Group (MEG) is undertaking the monitoring with cameras and equipment from a Brisbane City Council Environment Grant.

It is important to monitor and maintain nest boxes to ensure their effectiveness in providing refuge and breeding sites for our native birds and arboreal mammals, like squirrel gliders.

Brushtail possum and joey

Brushtail possum and joey

B4C Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron says he’s very pleased that, among the program’s successes, the boxes set up at the B4C fauna crossing point at Pine Mountain Road on Salvin Creek have four squirrel gliders and a possum in them.

“The boxes provide vital refuge from crossing roads, and native mammals needing hollows are the winners,” Wayne says.

“The program will be on-going and we are seeking nest box modifications to prevent the invasive and destructive Common Myna from taking over.”

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